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ARTsCOOLuk Classes

  • 'Messy Mini Makers'- preschool Art classes ages 3 - 4

  • Key stage 1 age 5 - 8

  • Key stage 2 age 7 - 11

  • Saturday morning workshops aged 6 - 16

  • Adult Art Classes 'Back to the basics'

  • ARTsCOOLuk School Holiday Art Days / Summer School

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Saturday Morning Art Workshops
Ages 6 - 10 - 1 hour 
Workshops are in an Art room / studio. The class will introduce new skills and techniques around a particuar theme. Children will work in sketchbooks and on larger work, where they will be encouraged to look at the work of other artists and take inspiration from different styles and ideas.
Ages 11 - 16 - 2 hours
Workshops are in an Art room / studio.The first half of the class will introduce a new skill or technique, the second half will be working on an ongoing personal project that will last all term. Children will be introduced to the work of other artists / cultures and will be encouraged to use their favourite artists to inspire their own personal work. Children will work in sketchbooks as well as on loose work which will go towards building up an extensive portfolio. Classes will be small, so that 1 to 1 teaching is a priority. An ideal class for anyone wanting to work towards building up a portfolio of artwork for GCSE, an art scholarship or Arts Award or just wanting to learn more art skills and techniques and have the time to use them in personal artwork. There will an annual exhibition of the artwork they have produced.

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'Messy Mini Makers' -  PRESCHOOL ART ACTIVITIES age 3 - 4 years


Weekly sessions lasting approx 30 minutes, designed for children to get a little messy and work on creative art and craft activities.  Its more about the process than the end result, making the experience for them great. The art and craft sessions range from:- painting, collage,  making, drawing, exploring texture, colouring etc  The sessions will link to the Early Years Curriculum and each week the activities will be based around a theme. However the main focus of each session is on having fun.


KEY STAGE 1 Art and craft Classes

(years 1 and 2)


Classes are based in school and either happen at lunchtime or after school. Classes run for approx 45 minutes. Children are introduced to artistic skills and techniques in a fun and creative way both in 2d and 3d materials. Classes will alternate between art classes that focus on developing their imaginations and ideas, as well as craft classes where children will learn to follow instructions on a particular technique. There will be an annual exhibition where the children will get to show off their artwork.

KEY STAGE 2 Art Classes

(years 3 - 6)


Classes are based in school and either happen at lunchtime or after school. Classes last approximately an hour and a quarter and follow a similar format to key stage 1, but to a higher level of skill and more creative ideas, closer to the art skills taught at secondary school. Children will work in a sketchbook aswell as on loose pieces of artwork. Children will also be given an extension task at the end of each class, where they can continue to work independently if they choose to.There will be an exhibition of the work produced at the end of the academic year.

'Back to the Basics'-

Adult Art Classes

Classes are based in Art Studios and last for 90 minutes in the evening. The classes are ideal for beginners or for someone who wants to revisit some art and craft skills that they haven't used for a long time. Classes will introduce art skills in drawing, painting, printmaking, basic textiles, clay etc. We will work in sketchbooks as well as on larger, more individual pieces of work. Classes will encourage studying the work of artists in order to learn new techniques and inspire new creative ideas.

There will be an opportunity to exhibit their artwork in the annual 'ARTsCOOLuk' exhibition.

ARTsCOOLuk School Holiday Art Days / Summer School -

During the school holidays ARTsCOOLuk run some art days all based at Uplands Community College Art Studios.  Designed for creative children aged 6 - 12 years. See the Tab for forthcoming events.