Delivering A broader , more balanced curriculum - ARTsCOOLuk offers CPD for Primary teachers.


Julie has 18 years experience in teaching art and design to children and adults from ages 3 upwards. She has a wealth of knowledge that can be shared and applied through practical workshops. 

Julie has been running all day workshops for Primary School teachers making Art and Design a focus for development.    

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The training day can be tailored to the needs of the school

Each workshop is approximately an hour long


Current workshops on offer are :- Drawing with purpose

                                 Introduction to Colour

                                 Extending projects beyond drawing

                                 Using sketchbooks

                                 Analysing artwork

                                 using 3 dimensional materials

                                 printmaking on a budget

                                 Using art as a tool for mindfulness

Training workshops can be delivered by ARTscOOLuk for the following fees

£290 all day or £200 for a half day + £10 per head to cover resources.

Each person receiving the training will receive an ARTCOOLuk sketchbook, Powerpoint notes, and all art materials needed for the workshops.

Feedback from previous training workshops have been extremely positive

' I have come away from today feeling really inspired and full of news ideas'

'I have learnt alot of new ways to approach drawing from today'

'I hope our Art coordinator takes on board these fresh approaches'

'Julie has taught me how to feel confident in delivering art to my pupils'

If your school would like some art education training delivered, please get in contact.