Primary School Arts Weeks or Art activity Days

I have had the privilege of working with some primary schools on art activity days / Arts weeks where the schools want to increase the art they are delivering but also having a focus for the artwork they create. Some schools have created group collaborative art pieces, based on school values.or topics that the school are focussing on together. 
For £250 a day, ARTsCOOLuk can deliver art activities in your school, where all children can be involved in something creative together. Contact us of you are interested in us delivering something in your school
Puzzle pieces 3.jpg
Giant Spirographs 1.jpg
Giant Spirographs 3 with faces blurred.j
Textiled tiles year 3.jpg
Clay hearts 1.jpg
Year 2 body language humility 1.jpg
Year 2 body language humility 2.jpg
Year 1 printmaking compassion 2.jpg
Optical Hands and feet 4.jpg
Optical Hands and feet 10.jpg
Optical Hands and feet 3.jpg