ARTsCOOLuk delivering an INSET day to Blacklands primary School and Little Ridge Primary School staf

6th July ARTsCOOLuk spent the day delivering an INSET training to 70 primary school staff at Blacklands Primary School and Little Ridge Primary School. The whole day was about improving the provision for art in the schools. ARTsCOOLuk delivered 4 practical workshops. 1) Drawing with purpose. 2) Colour and painting 3) Projects that extend from drawing. 4) Analysing artwork. After the practical workshops the staff worked together to write the curriculum where art was more of a focus.

The INSET training was received very well. Here are some of the comments made from the staff feedback sheet.

Seeing how the children do not need to draw particularly well to experience art and enjoy it.

How we can use materials that we would normally just throw away, to create amazing art projects.

The range of activities, ideas and content of the training was thought-provoking and helpful.

Guidance on the use of sketch books and ways to increase confidence in children was also really useful.

Recognising art is a strength and wish can have impact in all areas of the curriculum

A wide range of ideas that suit KS1 and KS2 Ideas for appreciating artists not just knowing facts about them but ways to look at their work.

I am not arty at all but I found it so good and really made me want to try art.

Practical approach - having a go at practical parts - I enjoyed trying things for myself-even the parts I was less successful at!

Using different art materials and different simple strategies to encourage the children who are less confident in art.

Different activities you can do and how to implement them.

Very enjoyable and educational.

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