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ARTsCOOLuk runs an annual Summer school for a week during August and then some separate days during the other school holidays. All are based at Uplands Community College, Wadhurst in the Art studios. Check out the ARTsCOOLuk blog for further photos

Forthcoming Art Days

£35 for the 9:30 - 15:30 school day.

£50 for the extended day 8:30 - 17:30

To book a place on any Art Day.

please email

Gallery of Photos from

Summer School

20th - 24th August

Tie Dye 2.jpg
Textured landscape paintings.jpg
Pointillism trees.jpg
Sketching the landscape 2.jpg
Sketching the landscape 1.jpg
Sgraffito 2.jpg
Repeat Printing 1.jpg
Mosaics 2.jpg
Batik 1.jpg
Nature Art insects.jpg
Mosaics 3.jpg
Fauve landscapes.jpg
Giant Spirographs 2.jpg
Clay Gargoyles 3.jpg
Giant Spirographs 1.jpg
Clay name plaque 1.jpg

Autumn Art Day 23rd October

day of the dead skulls 1_edited-1.jpg
independent crafts_edited-1.jpg
doughnut challenge_edited-1.jpg
skulls 1_edited-1.jpg

Christmas Craft Day 21st December

Wreaths 1.jpg
Wreaths 2.jpg
Paperback sculptures 1.jpg
Paperback sculptures 2.jpg
Oreo challenge.jpg
Sewn felt Christmas decorations.jpg

Pop Art Day February 19t

Screen printed T'shirts 1.jpg
Screen printed T'shirts 3.jpg
Screen printed T'shirts 2.jpg
Lichtenstein portraits.jpg
Pop Art cubes 1.jpg
Doughnut challenge.jpg

Easter / Spring Craft Day April 17th

Quilling 1.jpg
Marbeling eggs 2.jpg
Marbeling eggs 1.jpg
Faberge eggs.jpg
Basket weaving 2.jpg
Basket weaving 1.jpg
Bird Houses 2.jpg